Used Outboard Motors Supplied and Fitted.

Used outboards can be an excellent find or a disaster. You basically need to know what to look for and if you don't you will find yourself spending money unnecessarily.

Marine Creations can supply and fit a used outboard for you that is tested, run and inspected prior to sale. You can talk to a marine mechanic today and contact marine creations to make sure you get the facts about buying a second hard outboard before you buy. Or even come in store and inspect a good second hand unit at marine creations.

If you purchase from marine creations or even if you source your own outboard, marine creations can fit and test your outboard, install electric and provide upgrade services to all aspects of your boat ensuring it runs reliably.

Some tips when looking at second hand outboards

  • A common rule of thumb is any outboard over 20 years old should be very carefully considered. If you're a open water fisherman you need to be sure that you can get home safely if seas become rough.
  • Inspect the outside condition of the engine and it is probably a good indication of what's inside.
  • Identify where the outboard has been used. (Saltwater or fresh)
  • If possible ask for a service history and list of works and parts replaced.
  • Don't be fooled by a coat of fresh paint. Look for good honest units, not a “deluxe refurb”
  • Check for corrosion and condition of outboard internal.
  • Get a Marine Mechanic to inspect the unit and make sure the compression is about the same over all cylinders.
  • A used outboard can give you an excellent boating experience and we encourage you to explore your options.
"Marine Creations Supplies and fits Quality Used outboard Motors"


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